Important Contact Email Addresses & Telephone Numbers

Very High Risk Patients
You can join the SMS Shielding Service by sending a text from your mobile phone to
0786 006 4525.
The text you send should only include your CHI number. Your CHI number is the ten-digit number shown towards the top of this letter.
It is an automated system, so to get the most effective service please do not add extra information.
Once we’ve got your CHI number, we’ll send you a text to confirm that you’ve joined the service.
Please note the 0786 006 4525 number only accepts text messages. It does not take voice calls.
Alternatively you may call the local authority contact number 01387 260 600.

Government Support Line for High Risk Group (See definition in left-hand menu)
Connects to local services which can help provide food and medicine as well as emotional support.
0800 111 4000